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Pave the way for a new source of revenue and guarantee your customers an optimization of their performance.

Our ecosystem

At TEEPTRAK, we have developed a global ecosystem with Lean manufacturing experts and innovative manufacturing companies.

Our partner network combines experience with diversity and includes a wide variety of players: strategy and management consultants, authorized distributors, automation specialists, system integrators, etc.

How to join us


Strengthen your clients’ trust

Help them rapidly improve their performance


Increase your growth

Generate new sources of income and broaden your range of offers


Enrich your industry expertise

Our solutions are compatible with all manufacturing facilities

Find your ideal partnership


Commercial agent

We take care of all customer care and management. This partnership is suitable for both consultants and professionals in the maufacturing industry.

Authorized distributor

Do you supply companies in the manufacturing industry?
Distribute our solutions to expand your offerings and generate new revenue streams. We take care of the promotional content and after-sales service.


Technology partner

Are you a Lean expert, integration specialist or consultant in automated manufacturing? Become a partner and give your customers the opportunity to optimize their performance by complementing your offer with TEEPTRAK solutions.

Desired skills


A foot in the industrial world

You have developed a network among industrial manufacturing players


A deep interest in Lean manufacturing

You have an interest in the Lean philosophy and performance


Technical autonomy

You have the technical capabilities to promote our solutions

Frequently asked questions

How to become a TEEPTRAK partner?

To join our partnership program, simply fill out our partner form. You will soon be contacted by a TEEPTRAK team member.

During this exchange, additional information may be requested from you and together we will define the exact terms of the most appropriate partnership.

What is the integration process?

Integration into the network of certified TEEPTRAK partners takes place in the following stages:

  1. Fill out our partnership form
    Fill out our online form in a few minutes and if your profile corresponds to what we’re searching for, we will get back to you shortly.
  2. Initial contact and definition of the precise terms of the partnership
    Although our partnerships are all based on the principle of profit sharing, we offer you the opportunity to work out the exact terms of the business model that suits you best and which roles and responsibilities you want to assume.
  3. Introduction and training at TEEPTRAK
    We are committed to introducing you to TEEPTRAK and training you on our solutions. The goal is for you to be 100% autonomous in the sales preperation, installation, and/or maintance of the TEEPTRAK products.
  4. Successful execution of a pilot project with a customer (free trial)
    During your first project, we will accompany you free of charge at each stage of the pilot project. This trial allows you to experiment with your way of working and experience the benefits that TEEPTRAK solutions can offer your customers. Following this pilot project, you will become a certified TEEPTRAK partner.
  5. Congratulations, you are now part of the TEEPTRAK partner network! As a member of our partner network, you have access to TEEPTRAK equipment and support. You benefit in particular from a dedicated contact person who will accompany you throughout our partnership.
What is TEEPTRAK's commitment to its partners?

Depending on the agreed type of partnership, TEEPTRAK provides you with a range of tools to help you achieve your goals.

We provide you with all promotional content and communication materials.
We are committed to providing you with a single point of contact to ensure personalized follow-up.
Our support is also provided by a dedicated team that takes care of all technical support.

What business module is associated with TEEPTRAK partnerships?

Our partnerships are based on a distribution of roles and responsibilities. Therefore, compensation models also depend on the distribution of profits.

However, we at TEEPTRAK believe that each partnership is unique. This is why we offer to define together the exact terms of our business relationship tailored to the type of relatioship you want to enter into.

Become a partner

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