Solution N°1


PerfTrak is a solution used to monitor and improve machine performance. This highly efficient tool combines state-of-the-art technology (2.4 GHz, IoT, Android, WIFI) with the principles of Lean Management.

1 Measure the performance of any equipment

2 Identify the causes of performance loss

3 Reduce equipment downtime

4 View information on a consolidated scope

Operating principle

PerfTrak makes it possible to detect the condition of a system in real time and identify the causes of their performance losses. We then include the operators in the loss determination.

All data collected is automatically summarized, analyzed and reproduced on the supervision website to allow on-site staff to take appropriate action.


Automated acquisition

data by the electronic module


Input the causes of shutdown

by the operator on the tablet


Visualization in

real time

data on the website

Principle of installation

Compatible with all modern or older systems, whether with cycle times or “Start&Stop”, PerfTrak is installed in three steps: connecting the module to an existing or new sensor to detect the operating state of the machine, installing the tablet

close to the connected equipment and configuration via the monitoring site. The total installation takes on average less than an hour per machine to obtain a 100% functional product. Only requirement: a WIFI station.

Connect the module

to a sensor

Install the tablet

on the production line

Configure the website

and create the virtual factory

The tablet interface

The tablet interface enables the operators to identify the causes of shutdown immediately and directly at the systems based on the causes defined in advance on the supervision website.

This interface also allows easy display of key data on-site and in real time (24-hour history, product count, pareto loss table over selected period, etc.).


The supervision website

In addition to the ability to configue the systems, the supervision website also includes other ergonomic and intuitive functions to inform employees of the causes of defects and enable independent, continuous improvement.

These functions include: Real-time dashboards, performance history for the chosen scope and period, product counting, manual and automatic reports, notifications via SMS or smartphone, etc.