Connect to your
industrial potential

With TEEPTRAK, rely on IoT combined with Lean manufacturing philosophy to contribute to the operational excellence of your factories and get 5% to 20% more production output immediately. All our systems are made in France and have a lifetime warranty.

A standardized performance measurement,
accessible anywhere in the world

We offer a set of independent and external solutions that allows you to track the performance of any production equipment, physical values or set of manual tasks.

Each system consists of a stop capture module, an input tablet, and a supervision website.


Plug&Play system


Installation in less than an hour


Competitive pricing

They trust us

We garantee an ROI
in less than six months

Calculate your return on investment.
Insure your capital.


The TEEPTRAK Academy

This online training platform includes courses to help you make the most of our solutions. You can register for free, whenever you want, and move at your own pace.