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TEEPTRAK technology is suitable for factories in a wide variety of industries.

The cost-effectiveness of its systems allows TEEPTRAK to get in touch with SMEs who are looking for low-cost options, as well as with major customers who want to achieve savings on a bigger scale through large-scale use.

Our systems are currently implemented in over 250 factories.

Automotive industry

“The PerfTrak systems have already paid off simply by freeing up people that are now able to focus on more meaningful tasks instead of collecting data and writing reports”.

Christophe Pasquet, Monozukuri, PRF (Costing), 4.0 factory, PSA Caen


Food industry

“The return on investment at Nutriset has paid off quickly as we have been able to eliminate “irritants” (small shutdowns of 3-4 seconds but which occur sometimes fifty to a hundred times per shift) as much as possible”.

Sylvain Clausse, Maintenance and Automation Department, Nutriset

Food industry

Materials industry

wood, metal, glass, plastic

“The PerfTrak solutions have allowed us to earn 10 to 15 OEE points but
also brought a lot of precious time for our operators, who no longer have to provide documentation and can even access the data in real time”.

Philippe Devaux, Industrial Process Director, Hutchinson

Materials industry

Electronics industry

“Thanks to TEEPTRAK, we benefit from a standard and multi-site tool that allows us to monitor and analyze performance in heterogeneous environments with significant economic gain in an identical way”.

Vincent Perrault, Head of Industrial Resources, Eolane Group

Electronics industry

Transport and Aviation industry

“Finally a solution designed for operators with a Plug&Play implementation. The performance is only visible and analyzed by the support teams. The operators are the actors and challenge each other on a daily basis”.

Miguel Waxin, Deputy Managing Director, APS Coatings


Textile and consumer goods industry

We saw a 29% increase in production volume in parts per hour after PerfTrak was installed on a single machine. This represents more than €19k in additional income per year”.

C.M R, Production & Maintenance Manager



“The ease of deployment of PerfTrak systems allows our consultants to quickly identify and quantify the main performance losses for our clients and thus define and deploy transformation plans with maximum impact”.

Laurent Meslin, Partner Strategy & Operations, Onepoint.


Other industries

Career, pharmaceutical, packaging, luxury, energy…


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