Contributing to nutritional autonomy for all : this is the main challenge of the Nutriset group, which for more than 30 years has been developing unique expertise in the fight against malnutrition.

Bringing together 10 partners and operating in 10 countries, the group focuses its activities on 3 main sectors : research, production and distribution of therapeutic foods to offer renewed and adapted solutions to vulnerable populations.

The implementation of TEEPTRAK

In order to refocus operators on value-added tasks and thus maintain a high productivity rate, Nutriset is implementing the first TEEPTRAK tablet on the Malaunay (Normandy) site in 2016.

We questioned Sylvain Clausse of the Maintenance Department on this subject, who explains that “Before TEEPTRAK, the reporting were made on paper with pre-filled stops, but this solution was quite unreliable since the stopping time was very subjective and many stops were forgotten for lack of time or rigor. »

Nutriset chose TEEPTRAK for its ease of installation but also for the supervision site which allows all operators and managers to have access to information in real time.

Although some of the operators were apprehensive about the monitoring tools in general, they very quickly understood that TEEPTRAK solutions would improve their working conditions. According to Sylvain Clausse, “TEEPTRAK solutions were very well received by the field teams because they understood that this tool enabled them to assist them in recording shutdowns but also in analyzing their recurring machine breakdowns. »

Today, more than 22 systems support operators at the Malaunay plant. This site is also equipped with the Monitrak application, which sheds light on the state of production thanks to indicators, product counting, loss pareto… And all this in real time, on a large screen.

Advantages of TEEPTRAK solutions

In just a few weeks, TEEPTRAK enabled the Malaunay plant to achieve its objectives and thus contribute to the cause supported by Nutriset. The solutions make it possible to maintain a high rate of productivity, production costs remain stable and the selling price can be reduced in order to offer Nutriset products to as many people as possible.

In addition “We paid back all TEEPTRAK solutions within 1 month! We have been able to eliminate a maximum of what we call “irritants”, i.e. small stops of 3-4 seconds that occur about 50 or 100 times per shift.»

These years of collaboration have also enabled TEEPTRAK and Nutriset to develop new products, in particular for real-time monitoring of machine processes (temperature, pressure, volumetry, etc.) and for certain functionalities of the supervision site.