To achieve the objectives of a Lean approach focused on machine performance, it is necessary to exploit all data related to machine performance and availability.

We will therefore discuss in this article a selection of indicators to be used for a relevant analysis of the productivity of your machines.

Maintenance monitoring indicators

Machines must be closely monitored so that maintenance departments know when to intervene and what the consequences of a repair would be in terms of lost time and therefore productivity.

The performance of maintenance operations plays an important role in the overall productivity of a company. In this section, we will discuss a selection of indicators that will allow us to measure this performance.

  • MTBF – Mean Time Between Failure

Expressed in number of hours, the Mean Time Between Failure – MTBF is an indicator that determines whether an equipment is reliable.

It can be a determining factor in the choice of equipment replacement if it is considered too short and leads to repeated shutdowns causing significant losses in productivity performance.

MTBF = Gross Running Time / Number of Failures

  • MTTR : Mean Time To Repair

The MTTR shows how long it takes, on average, to detect and locate a fault and replace the defective part, it can highlight the need to find solutions to make maintenance operations simpler and faster.

MTTR = Breakdown Time / Number of Breakdowns

Machine performance monitoring indicators

Here is a selection of indicators to use for a relevant analysis of the productivity of your machines.

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness – OEE

It expresses the company’s ability to make the best use of the equipment made available on the basis of the time during which this equipment is given to production to be used.

He can find out how the equipment worked according to 3 criteria:

  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Quality

OEE calculation

The OEE is broken down into 3 rates :

Availability Ratio : It represents the percentage of the opening time during which the equipment is ready to work.

Performance Ratio: It represents the percentage of gross operating time where production is done at the planned rate.

Quality Ratio : It represents the percentage of net operating time spent making good parts.

OEE = A * P * Q


OEE gives you an accurate picture of the efficiency of your manufacturing process and makes it easy to track improvements over time.

  • Lights On Performance and Total Effective Equipment Performance – TEEP

Lights On Performance and Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP) are less often used, but are just as interesting in a relevant analysis of productivity.

TEEP provides visibility on the profitability of your machine in relation to its uptime over a specific period of time. This is the actual time spent producing quality over 24 hours.

This rate also provides important information about a machine’s overall ability to deliver quality production, allowing the company’s investment strategy to be fine-tuned.

TEEP = Value Added / Total Time

Lights On Performance is a measure of the level of performance of an item of equipment in relation to the actual opening time of the shop. It is therefore the time used to produce quality over the opening period of the shop.

This rate can be revealing when discovering that it is necessary to add an additional team to achieve the expected production targets.

Lights On = Value Added / Theoretical Production Time

  • True Downtime Cost – TDC and percentage of downtime

How much money does your company lose every minute or hour when your machines are down ? This is the question that is frequently asked when analyzing production losses of a machine but which unfortunately arises only when the machine breaks down.

Even a small percentage reduction in downtime can save the company millions of euros. Therefore, by calculating your downtime cost and identifying associated improvements, you can demonstrate savings in time and money, as well as reductions in waste.

  • Capacity utilization

The effective cost of owning and maintaining equipment is reduced when the equipment is used at full capacity. By measuring the output that is actually produced by your equipment and comparing it to what could be produced, you understand the efficiency of your operation.

When your plant increases its capacity utilization rate, it increases its efficiency.

TEEPTRAK allows you to detect the state of operation or shutdown of each piece of equipment, this detection will ensure an automated calculation of the majority of the indicators mentioned above. In addition, it will bring you a significant support on a direct feedback of the influence of your improvement actions on your machines and thus a better visibility of the follow-up of your Lean approach.