Solution N°4


QualTrak is a solution for monitoring and improving quality standards.

This tool makes it possible to carry out analyses in any time period in order to correct quality defects promptly.

1 Quantify good and bad production

2 Identify the causes of defects

3 Detection of quality levels in real time

4 View data in a specific range and period

Operating principle

QualTrak records the quality level almost automatically and in real time by counting the good and bad parts and by using the information provided by the operators to explain the origin of losses.

This makes it possible to carry out analyses on any time scale to address quality problems quickly. The level of interaction with operators is adjustable as required.


Automated acquisition

data by the electronic module


Entered by the operator

of non-quality causes on the tablet


Visualization in real time

data on the website

Principle of installation

QualTrak is available in fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual versions, with or without the data acquisition module. In the manual version, the operator indicates the number of defective parts and the reasons for these defects. In the semi-automatic version, we recieve an electrical signal at the input or output of a part (in the correct or wrong output).

In the fully automatic version, we measure the arrival of a part in one of the two outputs by external sensor or electrical signal.

Connect the module

to a sensor

Install the tablet

on the production station

Configure website

and create the virtual factory

The supervision website

In addition to the ability to configure the systems, the supervision site also includes other ergonomic and intuitive functions to inform employees of the causes of defects and enable independent, continuous improvement.

These functions include: Real-time dashboards, performance history for the desired area and period, counting of good and defective parts, manual and automatic reports, notifications via SMS or on smartphone, etc.