To meet this challenge, the company deployed our PerfTrak, MoniTrak and ProcessTrak solutions. Today, more than 18 systems are in continuous operation, enabling Nutriset to combat world hunger more effectively.

As a result, in three years, the company has gained 14 points in productivity, the compliance rate for its products is 99.5% and workplace accidents have dropped by 47%!

Nutriset, a committed company

The research, design and production of nutritional solutions, carried out by Nutriset since 1986, is at the origin of the Nutriset Group’s development and continues to form the core of its activity.

In thirty years, the product lines designed by the company have changed approaches to the fight against malnutrition and opened up a new horizon: that of “nutritional autonomy for all”. A mandate that today requires the use of diversified and cross-disciplinary skills to propose renewed and adapted solutions for vulnerable populations.

This challenge is reflected in the imagination of tomorrow’s food, the valorization of local plant raw materials, the distribution of both modern and traditional consumer products to the urban populations of the countries of the South, the design of new recipes and the implementation of new distribution systems.

Work on the upstream part of the chain

The system factualizes the events on our machines. It removes what we call “irritants”, i.e. events that stop production, and offers us greater traceability”.Sébastien Decubber’s analysis.

The initiative enabled the company to be promoted as a Showcase of the Industry of the Future by the Industry of the Future Alliance. On the strength of this label, Nutriset now plans to apply the Perftrak solution to its three shredders upstream of its production line. “We will be able to adapt the flow rate of the tanks and the consumption of the bagging machines connected to them,” says the industrial manager.