After a recent fund raising of 3 million euros from EDF through its Corporate Venture EDF Pulse Croissance and its historical investor XAnge (Siparex Group) TEEPTRAK has set itself the mission to strengthen its presence in France and to open offices abroad. This new visual identity will enable it to reaffirm its values and its DNA in order to meet its new ambitions.

A reinforced and modernized identity

Resolutely turned towards its targets and its markets TEEPTRAK wishes to stand out from its competitors in a very standardized sector in terms of branding and brand communication. “This is an important milestone for TEEPTRAK, after a reflection on the brand platform we made the choice of an identity that integrates more digital without losing its solidity, with a more powerful sign capable of promoting memorization and appropriation” according to Vincent Gagliardi, Marketing Director of the startup.

The old graphic charter had not been redesigned since the launch in 2014 and suffered from a lack of legibility and irregular architecture. Thanks to this rebranding, TEEPTRAK’s new identity perfectly translates its DNA and what has driven the startup since its creation, offering a simple and robust product that makes the monitoring of industrial performance accessible to all.

Solutions that can be exported internationally

TEEPTRAK plans to open offices in Germany, Italy, North America and a second one in China, where it has been established since 2018. This new identity is intended to meet its new ambitions.

“TEEPTRAK is today more than 150 manufacturing plants equipped on 4 continents, with deployments within many SMEs and ETIs as well as major industrial players. We had to give more maturity to our communication and adopt a brand territory more in line with our international ambitions” adds Vincent Gagliardi.

The graphic universe has been rethought and standardized to take into account the cultural specificities of each country where TEEPTRAK wishes to set up. This also translates into the adoption of a new “Connect to your industrial potential” baseline, a new website and a completely redesigned logo.