The Lean approach is based on a permanent improvement of procedures to achieve results on the performance of companies, it is also often reduced to the implementation of tools and methods.

However, it should not be forgotten that the company is made up of a group of individuals who are at the heart of all these changes. It is often the forgetting of this human aspect that makes the Lean approach sometimes criticized and demonized.

Every employee is a key element in the success of the company.

The challenge and success of a Lean approach is indeed to put the human being at the heart of the worksites, to do so we must not see a resource as adjustable but as an intangible wealth that is difficult to quantify.

Employees in the field are those who have acquired and consolidated their skills over the years in the field, so the Lean approach must be based on listening to them and analyzing what is in the field of expertise and what can be standardized.

This is why it is important to keep in mind that change management, as part of a Lean approach, aims at the development of people and teams through their involvement, responsibility and participation.

For your approach to be a success, it is necessary to unite the theoretical approach and the field expertise.

Giving meaning to the action

The meaning we give to our daily actions is one of the main motivators for moving forward in our lives, so it is essential to know that what we do makes sense.

It is essential that everyone gets involved and follows the objectives assigned to him in this perspective of collective action and intelligence. By taking the time to communicate, simplifying work, and spending time solving operational problems, the Lean approach makes it possible to restore meaning to work and client satisfaction.

The employee can thus situate himself within an organization while being a direct witness to the impact of his actions on the entire company.

Creating dialogue and a climate of trust

Valuation, respect and recognition of the work done are essential sources of motivation, rather than excessive control, prefer listening, dialogue and trust. This commits the manager with a Lean approach to possess certain qualities such as the support of his team, being regularly present in the field, being as much interested in the person as in the work he does.

This creation of dialogue and a climate of trust reduces the distance between managers and employees, so that each individual can express himself or herself within the team in order to make the process as successful as possible.

In conclusion, the Lean approach wants to be a human approach, as soon as the right communication channel is found, people listen to each other, understand each other and define together the best solutions.

Our world is constantly changing and so are the technologies, so we have to make this change part of our corporate culture through the Lean approach and the support of people in this process, which will be, as you have well understood, the key to your success.